Success Stories

When Life Throws a Curve Ball

Brad and Stephanie were looking to refinance their home as quickly as possible because they were drowning in medical bills from the previous year. Unfortunately, Brad was experiencing health issues and was on the transplant list for a new heart.  He had been in and out of the hospital, and the expenses kept growing. They knew that a refinance might help them save on their monthly bills. So when they received our marketing invitation in the mail mentioning their eligibility for a refinance, they knew it was God sent.  They reached out to us and one of our experienced Loan Officers hand held them through the process and shopped with multiple lenders in the country to get them the best deal available. 

As we were finalizing all the necessary paperwork to close their loan, there was an unexpected turn of events. Brad was rushed into the hospital for heart surgery as his long-awaited heart finally became available to him. 

Under normal circumstances, this would put a pause on the mortgage refinance process. However, we knew the tremendous impact this refinance could have on Brad and Stephanie’s lives so we did what we could to continue the process despite Brad being admitted to the hospital. The only solution out was to get a power of attorney (POA) for Stephanie so she could handle all matters related to mortgage refinance. With Brad in hospital, and the rate lock approaching expiration this posed a challenge, but we persisted. It took some time but Stephanie was able to secure a POA just in time in time and the transaction was able to close with no disruption whatsoever.  

Once the transaction closed and Brad’s surgery was successful  Stephanie went back to focusing all her energy on Brad and his recovery, knowing that they were now better-off financially.

At Loandrone, we always put our clients first and no matter what curve ball life throws, we try our best to overcome the hurdle. We are so happy that we were able to help Brad and Stephanie at their need of hour and saved them  $425 on their monthly mortgage payment, giving them the freedom to keep providing Brad with vital medical care. The reality of Brad and Stephanie’s story is a reminder that life happens, and Loandrone is here to help you get through it. For us, your financial wellness comes first.